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Ze omvatten twee paren, royal flush, straight, enz.
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Omdat het verschillende opties heeft in de wacht-en push-functie, waardoor het spel spannender wordt.
U kunt ook tegenkomen een portal die kan vragen voor het ondertekenen bedrag voordat u het spel speelt.

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Tennis betting tips | Neat strategy for profiting on Tennis matches

Here is an unusual but highly effective way to trade tennis on Betfair. It uses a number of components within Bet Angel to maximise your chance of profiting from this particular Betfair trading strategy.

This strategy allows you to carefully define your entry, exit and money management in a really easy to understand process.

This makes it really useful way to trade a Tennis match!

Betfair trading presents a whole range of opportunities depending on what sport you wish to trade. There are a huge variety on a betting exchange.

Tennis trading is a popular activity thanks to its odd scoring system that can make comebacks a regular feature. From a position of dominance, a player can suddenly be struggling to save the match.

When you are Betfair trading this is exactly what you are looking for. Large swings from one player to another.

Bet Angel is Betfair trading software that is perfectly built for Tennis trading. Not only do you have all the standard tools you would expect, like ladder trading and one click screens and so on.

You also have very specialist Tennis trading tools. The Tennis trader tool will allow you to project forward the price so that you can see what would cause the odds on any player to hit a pre-defined target in the market.

Would it be a break up? A set up? Tennis trader will allow you to look ahead and work out where key entry and exit points are in the market.

You can also pull in high-speed streaming scores and display them on a watch list, at the top of your ladder or your one click screen.

Or why not head over to our betfair trading community where you can download ready-made automation to trade on Tennis.

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19 reaktioner på ”Tennis betting tips | Neat strategy for profiting on Tennis matches”

  1. What sane person would back Djokovic at 1.05 in set one when the risk is unlimited and the return is 0? The odds won't come in anymore but if I gets broken back they'll fly out

  2. If the back bet of £85 on Djokovic is never matched would you just lose your £14.99 if he goes on to win the match? Or in practise would you keep an eye on the match and try and hedge your bets by backing Djokovic?

  3. Hi Peter. I have not been able to make these profitgraf you show in tennis. I hope you will make a video, where you show how to make them. Down in every details. From the start to the end. I have tryed to export data from Betangle but with no succes.

  4. I dabble in tennis trading (badly) and find the hardest skill is in the execution of exit points/strategy. If I placed a trade that was in essence laying Djokovic at 1.14 and then watched the price move to 1.40 I'd have a whole new set of decisions to make at that point. Either green up, do nothing, move all the green to Djokovic (still the fave at this point) or reduce liability on Djokovic and leave all the green on Delpo. The temptation (for me anyway) is almost always to try and let the trade run but reduce the liability. In this case I imagine I would have left all of the green on Delpo and £0 on Djok. This would have been a good move here as I could have then greened up at the end of set 1 for a bigger profit. However this is not always the case and often I find I end up making the correct call on the entry point only to mess up the exit and end up with very little. When I enter a trade and it goes against me I am pretty disciplined at exiting for the loss that I allowed for (in this example if Djok got the first break say).

    My second issue arises when I have a profit from set 1 but then the temptation is to leverage that later on and this can also cause what was a good position to become a small win (or break even). The obvious issue here is that if I'm wrong on say 50% of my initial trades and take the loss then I need to take larger profits on the other 50%. Whilst I may have been able to do this at a point in time during the match, due to bad exit strategies or leveraging earlier profits this ends up not being the case.

    I think it's something psychological for me and probably down to greed (ie chasing bigger wins and not wanting to green up a position that may eventually be more profitable). Suppose I just wanted to put this out there and see if anybody else has similar issues and finds picking good entry points only 50% (or less) of the battle.

  5. Hi Peter, great video. Just wanted to know if you could still use this type of trade if say you're in a country like Australia where there is no in play trading, if I place the bet pregame would betfair allow me to keep the unmatched bet, I know if yes I couldn't trade out while the game was on.

  6. Peter i cant inplay or live bet cos im an australia id it possible to lay a selection lets say i.lsy somthing at 3 bucks can i then put anthor bet in at say 4 bucks for a back bet in play then at a latter stage somone macth me in play is this possible tryed asking betfair help.they gave me a complete diffrent answer to what i was asking

  7. Tried this recently and it went well on match 1 which was nicely matched for 10% margin, Match 2, well it was going completely pear shaped so I decided to cut my losses only for my player to dig herself out of a massive hole and come back to win, so on match 3 I didn't trade out and player went and lost. Your video has made a couple of points that I can look at so will have a go at that tomorrow. I am still on small stakes so it's fine I am still learning.

  8. Hi Peter, so pre match at 1.14 Djokovic was about 87% chance of winning the match, at 3-4 after just losing his serve he was 1.42 and about 70% chance of winning the match. If pre match odds are generally efficient then is there an edge in me taking the higher price when he is behind?

  9. So according to your matrix if Del Potro won the 1st set 7-5 Djokovics price would be 1.64. …thats ok, but if Del Potro won 6-0 Djokovics price would again be 1.64 ……that deserves a big LOL

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